KNF clothing offers a comprehensive, hand-picked collection of apparel and accessories from the foremost contemporary and designer labels. Since we launch in 2007 and our motto is Quality first Quantity next. Attention to detail is the name of the game. From investing in high-quality fabric to using state-of-the-art printing techniques, we pay close attention to each stitch and seam in the pursuit of creating a perfect product every time. KNF clothing is always looking to improve the environment, from which it has blossomed. Along with renowned customer service, we deliver unparalleled wardrobe products, innovative features and exclusive collaboration with different brands like Knife and Catalyst.


“Building a Dream”

The craftsmanship of the workmanship, the quality and careful selection of the materials used, plus the continuous care in the various stages of processing, the capacity to know how to interpret people's tastes and, of course, the excellent quality - price ratio our first brand PLAIN KOINS was launched.


“Be a KNIFE, be a perfectionist”

KNF CLOTHING CO started to set its footprint in southern India when the new rules of fashion brands were either luxury out of reach for the middle class or just low profile street wear and of dubious quality. KNF CLOTHING CO. sensed a pulsating need to take the road between that will sync good quality with affordability. It resulted in the launch of our second brand KNIFE.


“Manufacturing quality Apparels”

As the company offered unique design and propose it in high quality the success was immediate. As a result KNIFE JUNIOR was introduced in the year 2010. Brand for the little ones offers top quality products at fabulous value for money.


“If you want to get ahead, get a CATALYST”

It has been a ride that has been challenging, stimulating, at times frustrating but most often a revelation, a discovery and pleasantly surprising. It was a remarkable year as far as KNF CLOTHING CO is concerned. Premium brand CATALYST was launched. The range includes casual, semi casual and club wears.


“Tailoring the standard”

What matters for a company is always to look for new challenges to constantly grow in a dynamic and innovative way. We expanded rapidly by introducing brands that fit the pocket without compromising quality. Brands include DOMINOX, LAP, and ZOE JEANS. We also started developing denim trousers which was introduced as KNIFE DENIM.


“A vision to improve”

Over the time KNF CLOTHING CO has acquired an ever greater prestige. Moved by a love of locally made products and with maturity of 7 years’ experience of business, KNF clothing developed an idea where an entire sales outlet would be dedicated to high quality and creative products in Bangalore.


Diversification of the offering, which now ranges from clothing to accessories, accelerated the growth, as well as the entrepreneurial spirt shown by the KNF CLOTHING CO in the constant desire to improve and look to the future. The group’s two main brands are KNIFE and CATALYST which is aimed at a younger market.

Today KNF clothing aim to produce quality clothing’s with original design inspired from modern marketing trend and now more than 250 machines, 400production staff, 50 marketing staff and more than 500multibrand outlets as customers across Asia. KNF’S business model is quite different from other fashion brands. Company controls the whole creation and production process in order to provide the best quality products.

How It Is Made: